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Tell us more about your current operations to learn how SynergySuite could serve you.

To ensure value, a minimum number of locations are required (5 locations)
To ensure value, a minimum amount of sales are expected ($300,000)
To ensure best estimates, please enter in a valid salary rate.
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How much do you spend per month per location on your back-of-house solution(s)?

This should include any systems you use to support your inventory, purchasing, scheduling, food safety, and operations. By consolidating these solutions into one like SynergySuite, potential subscription savings can be made.


Seamless payroll integration

Does your current process allow for a seamless integration into your payroll system, including syncing employees between systems and creating custom timesheet exports for easy importing?

Ability to post data into your accounting system

Does your current process allow you to easily post data into your accounting system, so data is entered accurately and in a timely manner?

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To ensure value, a minimum monthly cost of $120 must be entered
To ensure value, a minimum Implementation Cost of $10000 to be entered

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Total Savings Overall {{roi.roiValue | currency : '$' : 0}}

Over the next two years, we expect you can save at least {{roi.roiValue | currency : '$' : 0}} or {{ roi.savingsPercentage | percentage}} of your total sales. Or savings of {{roi.savingsPerStorePerMonth | currency : '$' : 0}} per location per month.

Estimated package cost per month {{roi.packageCost / 24 | currency : '$' : 0}}

Based on your size and AUV, we recommend a package to suit your needs, which includes all our modules. We can provide billing at a corporate/franchisor level, or bill the franchisor and franchisees separately depending on your preferences.

Estimated implementation fees {{roi.implementationCosts | currency : '$' : 0}}

These are one-time fees to get you set up and running with SynergySuite. This includes your integrations, project manager, and implementations specialists.

Expected Savings in Year 1 {{roi.roiYr1 | currency : '$' : 0}}

Expected savings in year one, minus estimated implementation costs.

Expected Savings in Year 2 {{roi.roiYr2 | currency : '$' : 0}}

Expected savings in year two.

Expected Payback Time {{roi.payBack | number : 0}} Months

Following implementation and looking at the average package cost for a customer your size, we expect SynergySuite will pay for itself quickly, thanks to its time and cost savings.